The Average Marketing Metrics for Businesses Are Usually Constrained to Lead Generation Only. Marketers Are Often Tasked with Researching, Confirming and Nurturing Leads and Then Passing Their Newly Developed Leads to the Sales Departments to Finish Closing the Deal.

According to industry research, 59% of marketers say they provide salespeople with exceedingly high-quality leads. However, only 25% of the actual salespeople are willing to agree with that statement. Marketing leads are being ranked last, subsequently following referrals and leads sourced by the salespeople and 63% of marketers confirm that their top challenge is in generating enough traffic and leads. Furthermore, 22% of businesses that have an SLA in place are 3x more inclined to admit their approach is effective compared to those in misaligned organizations.

SiriusDecisions reports 70% of the purchasing process is now completed by the time the prospect is prepared to communicate with sales. That means the marketing department is working hard to do their part in nurturing the leads before they send MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) to sales.

Define Results

In order to set the goals for the process, the end result has to be pre-determined. For firms which are seeking to conduct efficient business strategies, target customers have to be clearly defined. Expectations regarding the amount of inquiries and sales leads are comprehensively outlined.

Identify Root Cause

Our team works hard to extensively investigate different marketing strategies to identify viable and nonviable ones. The root cause is analyzed in full details, so that a better picture can be painted out for further strategic planning. The process encompasses market research methodologies for investigation and to solidify findings.

Research Solutions

After examining the root cause, Topcurve can assist companies with researching to discover the best methodologies for marketing campaigns which drive traffic to the firm’s site and generate leads. Rational solution provision will be in place for strategic planning after thorough research and analysis are conducted.

Implement Minimal Viable Product

A complete product package will be delivered once research process is finished. This includes a data-driven integrated system of certain marketing services that are tailored to your business’ needs. Full customization will be taken place to ensure that the service package meets functional requirements of the firm.

Analyze Data

Data will be gathered from different online sites for further analysis, using Google Analytics, so that generalized and detailed strategic advice can be provided. Based on the advice and analysis backed up by data, companies can draft further strategies to increase revenue.

Go to Step 1

Feedbacks are fundamental for improvements of business conducts. Strategic advice alternations are made after feedback provision, proposing a thorough business plan for improvement in implementation. The feedback loop will be constantly updated with new data and information extracted from marketplace, giving firms a vital leverage to business outcomes.

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