Free Eloqua – Salesforce Audit

Are you missing Eloqua Data in Salesforce?

Data in Eloqua Should Match in SFDC, 1:1

Data integration is complex. As your business requirements evolve, your integration must adapt as well. What worked during Smart Start may not be appropriate now.

People come and go. Management and regimes change.

You are in charge of the Eloqua instance now. You must ensure the system is working at its peak performance.

  • Lost data means it’s costing your company every day.
  • How long does it take for Eloqua Contacts to enter SFDC?
  • Look in SFDC, do Eloqua Contacts match in SFDC Leads / Contacts?
  • Very important for reporting: Do Eloqua Contacts match in SFDC Campaigns / Campaign Members?
  • If you’re not 200% absolutely confident, then you need to adjust your integration ASAP!
  • You data has a home. If it’s lost, then we’ll make sure it gets there safely and quickly,

Don’t Worry

  • We Have a Solution.
  • We Have a Proven Process.
  • We’ve Done this Before.
  • We Have References.

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Eloqua Technology Partner
Topcurve provides Eloqua operational consulting and builds custom applications onto the Eloqua platform. We’re hands-on, technical and know the Eloqua architecture intimately.

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